Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

The mountain drive to Granada, Alhambra, and the drive to Malaga.

Now in Granada. Checked into this very cute new hotel.
Granada is nice- spent 3 hours walking around the interesting beautiful Alhambra today. So much shopping that is just like Morocco (only a 3 hour drive and a short ferry from here) only more expensive.
It is tough to order food here but I think I have all of the carne words memorized. Jambon, etc.
Tonight we're tired. Well mostly me.. (& sick). We trekked out to a vegetarian restaurant but it was closed as it is Sunday.. So got some pizzas and came back to the hotel to enjoy this awesome room (very modern.. Awesome squid-like lamps, excellent view over the square.. flat screen tv, just very cool and modern) and rest. We watched Lost in Spanish.
We fly out in 32 hours.
Nice to have Internet and a warm hotel after the cold B&B in the mountains.

Can you spot Kevin?

This was a bizarre Great Wall of wrecked cars about 30 min out of Granada.