Saturday, August 23, 2008

Visiting Jane in Detroit

Breakfast with friends on the Canadian border.  We could see the cars lined up to take the ferry boat to Canada.

I was very impressed with the nightlife in Detroit.
In this bar, we danced until 2 am and then the bouncers handed out free pizza so no one drove drunk!

On my way to the airport, Jane's car broke down just as we were getting on the onramp.  A tricky maneuver and 10 minutes later we were waiting in a local repair shop when I decided to call a cab to that little shop in rural Michigan.  On my $98 cab ride to the airport, I passed the world's largest tire and symbol of the american auto industry.  This 12-ton tire once served in the 1964 New York's world's fair as a ferris wheel and carried almost 2 million people.

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