Friday, February 13, 2009

The hunt for a home.

Kevin and I are moving out of Tower Hamlets aka "The (old) City" and into Islington (hopefully).  The main motivation for the move is because on every Sunday between 9 and 4 we have to vacate our place because a guy at the market outside plays 3 horrible songs on repeat all day long.  One includes James Blunts' You're Beautiful.  My hatred towards the innocent James Blunt is really quite something.  Oh and the songs are all set to a Jamaican beat.  This has been going on every Sunday since we moved in a year ago except for 2 teasing Sundays when we hoped someone had shot out his speakers.
So we started the hunt. We saw a great place for a little more than what I wanted to pay in a great part of Islington. While we are crossing our fingers and submitting a bid, we aren't very hopeful.  We fell in love with it because doesn't have a road on either side of the building and the flat is huge.  The back faces a courtyard and the front faces a bike path across from a park.  I'm including pictures of the flat and the view and one picture of what flats here generally look like.  See if you can guess which is which.


  1. nice pix mags. The only question - what the hell is going on with that bathtub?

  2. Some people seem to just look at pictures.