Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Done with stage one!

This first stage of puzzle-piecing these bits of fabric together was truly trying.
Because they are upholstery samples from sample books, each book had to be taken apart- many with gigantic staples. Then each individual piece had to be peeled. This fabric prep was so tedious and the beds of my nails were so sore at the end of the 3 day peeling stage. As if quilting isn't challenging enough!

Then I created 2 gigantic continents- one from the lightest end, one from the darkest end, and one island in the middle of the quilt.
..and helped each piece find its home.

I'm only worried that because of the materials, I'm not sure how to clean it- (dry clean?) and the quilt is seeming to be quite heavy in the end.

Definitely a winter quilt! This project is a lot of fun.

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  1. looks really cool! thank goodness for my taking you to the Scrap Exchange! i am the true hero of this quilt!