Saturday, August 15, 2009

Touring, meeting new friends, and playing in the Irish Open Softball Tourney in Cork, Ireland.

What a fantastic solo trip I had this weekend in Ireland. While it had a bit of a rocky start with a Dutch psycho that wouldn't leave me alone on the airport shuttle to downtown which eventually ended in me yelling, 'leave me alone' at him on the street, it quickly evolved into an excellent little adventure of meeting some fantastic people from Seattle, (spurred from some great laughs with another solo diner in the best vegetarian restaurant in Ireland), meeting some very nice German girls at the hostel, touring the creepy old Cork jail (Cork City Gaol) where there were many fantastic life sized figures, and taking a scenic bus ride to the beautiful southern fishing town of Kinsale to explore their artistic shops.

Then I had a great time meeting up with my softball team that consisted of the strongest, most competitive players I've ever had the opportunity to play with- including 3 guys from the US Navy and some women that make my 3rd-base-conditioned throwing arm look like that of a child's. Together we pulled a great victory and won the two day tournament against all-Irish teams on their homeland.

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