Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bus/Train trip to DC

We went to the country's capital to visit Kevin's parents, his brother, John, and his friend Dale, amongst others.
We had a very nice time in Kevin's old stomping grounds visiting with everyone.  Dale has a wonderful old house in VA that we stayed in.
I had a great time talking sewing with Mrs. Bohlmann over delicious vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that she had made.
It was also fun to listen to an enthused Mr. Bohlmann talk about this awesome mini-farm he modeled after the one he grew up on.  If you can see the little figure just shy of the barn, he tells me that that is him taking the feed out to the cattle.  


  1. I think my brother is blurry in this photo because he is psychically traveling backward through time aided by the power of hypnotherapy... He's always got a new whacky agenda every time I see him, but the latest is the finest yet.

  2. And that does look just like my grandpa's house, I must say. I could almost play croquet in that lawn.