Saturday, September 13, 2008

Warehouse Thrift Store Sale, Long Island City, NY

This was a crazy NY frenzy.  The deal was that you could fill anything from these bins into provided paper bags for $20, given they were not, "ripped or overfilled."  I arrived promptly as the line was released into the warehouse sale.  I could only laugh and watch these elbow-to-elbow discount-crazed maniacs go at these bins like their lives depended on it.  One listening heard a combinations of, "Hey watch it!," many sneezes, and "That was my pile!" building to a stressful crescendo in the sweltering heat.  My laughter soon turned to astonishment, then I was horrified at the humanity of it all, and then, finally, I was determined to get my fair share too!  By the end, I walked away with a backpack packed full of goodies for $20; the majority of which I'll most likely surrender to the salvation army before leaving NY.

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