Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All dryers not created equal.

I had no idea the technology of hairdryers had changed so much over the last 10 years since I last bought one. I had my first revolutionizing ionic hair drying experience recently while in Fort Lauderdale. Thank you, Caroline. The 'ions' made my hair not only smooth and straight, but also shiny for seemingly the first time ever. I don't understand it; it just works.

So recently, I went on a search for the perfect affordable ionizing hairdryer. Mat and I spent a few days reading www.consumersearch.com and standing in overwhelming aisles before we finally we decided that one particular Revlon from Target was as good as any.
After taking it home and being severely disappointed, I promptly returned it the next morning.

I eventually bought the awesome Bed Head "Light Me Up" Active Ionic Dryer (The same that Caroline has.) for $30 from Marshalls and I've brought it back to the UK.
Now I only need to find the perfect converter so it doesn't blow up upon plugging into these surging UK outlets.

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