Saturday, January 24, 2009

Annie and coworkers come to London.

I have had an excellent time over the last two nights.  Annie's crew came to town to promote the show. (-names intentionally omitted-) The first night I didn't bring my camera and the iPhone has again let me down with its poor performance in low light.  That night we had a great evening at a pub/club complete with a spirited impromptu game of go-fish and the newly invented dancing dominos.  The loser(s) were punished with their choice of either a shot of j├Ągermeister or a cartwheel that one must conduct stealthily in order to not get kicked out of the joint.  The paparazzi proved an interesting experience.  They were even taking pictures as a certain guy in our party came out of the bathroom stall.  No shame.

The second night we hopped around to some different clubs where we danced and and eventually ended up back at their hotel until 6AM or so enjoying the 'honesty bar' where I honestly signed others' names and ate some most excellent room service.

You know you've really had a fun night when it is complete with sparklers, a 70 yr old bagpiper, the airplane position, street-sign climbing, handstands, dancing, and naked pictures (of a drunk scotsman during an unfortunate kilt incident). 

In the composed group picture taken at Covent Garden Apple Market, those pictured are:
Me, Kev, an actor from the show, Annie, the director, his wife, and three producers.

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