Saturday, June 6, 2009

McDonald's after 6 years.

After a very hungry afternoon in SoHo with my friend Faby, she suggested going to McDonald's. Seeing as there weren't really any other quick options, I decided to see if there was anything vegetarian.  
I was impressed to learn that not only can their Spicy Veggie be made vegan, but the oils are all trans-fat free for both the burger and the fries.  It was a little bland, but dunking it in barbeque sauce made it quite tasty.  And while the fries aren't quite as amazing as I remembered, the apple pies are vegan and downright delicious! 
It has been about 6 years since I had a meal at McDonald's.  While I'm not a fan of the fast-food giant, I think it is not a bad idea to show them support when they are making an effort to become health conscience and vegetarian-friendly. 

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