Sunday, June 7, 2009

Softball on the other side.

Today I played in an all-day softball tournament with a division 1 team, The Mighty Muppets out in Slough.  (The location of The Office tv show, British version.)  This morning I woke at 6:30AM to the sound and sight of some serious thunder and lightening and a rain pouring down like I've not seen yet in London.  As I waded through the flooded path outside my front door I couldn't help but think, 'these crazy brits- if they think we are actually going to play today with this rain..'  Sure enough, after a 1 hour delayed start, the clouds parted and I wished I'd brought sunscreen and shorts.

We played all day totaling 5 vicious games and won the whole tourney.  The competition at this level was much stiffer and it also had, in general, a much more serious vibe than my regular weekly team, The division 5 Finsbury Dazzlers.  While I love my regular team, it is nice to occasionally step up and sub in a league that puts the pressure on.

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